In-Depth 2020

hello everybody

Welcome to my website!

Hello! My name is Prabigya and my in-depth this year was programming. Basically, most of my time was spent learning some material, trying to apply said material into a product of my own, and then failing because a syntax error occured or the result ended up being not what I had intended. But that's alright! Because through trial and error, I eventually made things work. Sometimes, I couldn't exactly pinpoint why something worked but the important thing is that it did. From there, I investigated the error, and often found the source of the problem. And I think that's the best way to learn any kind of skill. We learn better when we try to do the skill rather than if we learn about it.

"hey prabigya, what was your journey like?"

I'm glad you asked!

At first, I didn't know what language I wanted to program in. All I knew was that I wanted to program for in-depth. My reasoning for this was because I knew it would be useful information for the future, and simply because I was interested. At the time, I had heard that learning how to automate or program computers to do something can help anyone in their life. For example, you can automate things like uploading videos to youtube, organizing and backing-up files, taking notes, and so much more. Specifically, I had heard this regarding Python. When I heard that a friend of mine basically did Python as his job, I asked him if he could mentor me for In-Depth. He said yes (Thank you again James) and I started on my journey.
" was it?"

Pretty epic to say the least. When I first learned through Python, I used a resource called "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" which is a Udemy course that was free at the time (That course is often free or its price is reduced on holidays so if you want to learn Python, that is the way I recommend getting started). Immediately after finishing, I started messing around on command prompt, which I was encourged to do by my mentor. From there, I made my first compiled program, which was a calculator. A lot of the little projects I did with Python often had to do with my local computer and back-end programming. That basically means that they aren't that cool to show on a website. But they are useful. Especially something like automatic file back-up for minecraft worlds. After that, I wanted to learn more about front-end programming so I moved on to Javascript. With Javascript, I made a snake game. All three projects, the snake game, calculator, and this website, can be found on the navigation bar so try them! Also, don't forget to leave a comment on Wordpress if you have any questions.